Our family thanks you for visiting our garden. We are passionate about wildlife and conservation and our small family garden is designed to weather the cold and short season climate here on the Cape. We are trying to incorporate permaculture principles while growing vegetables, fruits and perennials. We are building bunny homes with green roofs for our Flemish giant rabbits, living walls and water features for our Welsh Harlequin and Pekin Ducks. We have lived for jobs in many parts of the country, from zone 4 to 10 but Cape Cod is the home we return to. The┬ábeaches, marshes, wilderness, wildflowers and wildlife are featured here along with our effort to contribute to the Cape communities desire for sustainability. We have helped to install butterfly gardens in area schools and support the efforts to educate the next generation to appreciate local food. Our daughter, Courtney has a website called Hustle and Kale http://www.hustleandkale.com/, which focuses on nutrition and our son Chris is an avid weekend oysterman who shares his bounty with everyone who crosses his path. Our garden is wild and welcomes all the Cape’s wildlife including foxes, squirrels, rabbits, butterflies, toads and birds.


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